📚Book Arcs📚

I have a problem with owning book arcs. I can see why so many bloggers, instgrammers, and booktubers like them, but I’m not one of them.

You are when you receive an arc is for review only not for sale. You are not allowed to sell them cause their early copies or unfinished copies. I rather own a real book or go to the library honestly .

Why is better to go the library and review books that way then get free books that are arcs? One reason is because you will be able to be like I don’t like it so I can take it back . With arcs you can’t never take a book back and is yours and no one else’s it. What if you hate the book and want to get rid of it ? Sorry you can because arcs aren’t available to sell or donate. Libraries are the easiest way to get books free and you can later buy it if you actually like it later.

I’m not hating on the book company or people who get arcs for reviews. If they like it that way, good for them. This is just my opinion about them.

Arcs stand for advanced reader copy. Now you know what it stands for and you probably feel this is like getting to see a movie early to get a free pass. I like thrifting and I like being cheap, I mean who doesn’t it ? Sometimes I rather just wait for a book I have on hold then get an arc. I feel better and I don’t feel I’m wasting paper or anything.

The main thing is this Book Arcs is both a good and bad thing. It helps the publishing companies and self authors sure, but does it help us. I rather read a book on my own then rely on reviews. I only rely on reviews if I really feel you understand the type of things I like.

So this is why I do not ever want to own a book arc. I rather a publishing company give me a finishing book then an arc. Thanks to anyone who reads this. I am just different and that’s okay right ?

If you are allowed to sell and donate arcs books then I might change my mind, but still then I do not think I want to own them.


Library Problems I have😯

I do love libraries but there some things I wish they could improve on.

Here’s my reasons of why I have problems with libraries.

  • For one thing having to wait for books in hold. It cold take months and weeks to get a book you want to read. Popular books and new releases are the hardest books to hold. Is better to hold books that less people will want to hold then the new ones.
  • Second problem when certain authors and books you can’t find because they don’t even have them. Using Goodreads and Booktube can be an amazing guide to finding books you love, but it can also be a disaster. Sometimes so many libraries, even here in California they have certain books and authors they never have.
  • When they have a book you want but is only in ebook and audio book form. No I am not implying that having this type is bad. Is just I like to hold and feel books. If that is weird, then I do not know what to say. I rather wish they had books over technology form, because it helps me to be able to just go and reach if when ever I can.
  • Trace Books. I do not know how it works in other libraries in other states, but in California when someone request a book from a different city to their city. A book that is being hold to be arriving to a certain library and the person decides to unholded and now the book is gone. I have a question about this one. When books that are from one to city to another city in the same county and someone says they don’t want it anymore how does this book disappear?

Do you have any problems with your library? I would like to know.

My Writing Journey Update & Writing Criticism

Do you guys ever feel like your not good enough to write? That we should give up our writing because a teacher or someone close to you doesn’t feel you are good enough to be a writer?

I was feeling depressed for the last couples weeks and few months. That’s why i haven’t posted here for a while. I forgot the reason why I even started my blog. I thought that I should listen to the teacher and change my major. But you know what the only classes i ever fail were mostly when I took his class. So i am not going to give up on my writing and my major for just one step back.

We all want to be a writer for different reasons. We all have a reason we decided to be an English Major or whatever major you choose. If we have chosen an easier major we probably wouldn’t have tried hard as we have with this difficult major. So what im trying to say is okay to take criticism , but don’t let it affect you like it has affected me for too long.

I’m still in my early 20s. I still have to figure it out. I want all of you to find your voice and keep going after your dream. That we should accept criticism but to keep going. Learn from it and become a better writer and listener. Search online for help. That’s my best tip for all writers out there. Writing is our story and out style. We all write different and we will find someone out there who will understand both our stories and style of writing.


Thanks for reading (:


Books I Read Recently

So I recently find myself reading books that GoodReads reviews hate for some reason. I ask myself is it because it doesn’t go in their hype hopes. Is it because I am missing something?

Two of those books are The Last Girl on Earth by Alexandra Blogier and Someone to Love by Melissa de La Cruz. This two books I found intersting and I couldn’t stop myself from reading. It makes me wonder if people really read the book or understand the message behind it.

For example in Someone to Love. Is a story about a girl who cuts herself and is battling an eating disorder. We see from her point of view how she feels with it and how she finally gets the help she deserves. Many times parents do not understand our struggles. Many parents can’t relate cause they probably weren’t in this position when they are young. So many young people not just girls , but also boys can be having a eating disorder and we not see the signs. We need to learn to understand the youth people more and see things from their point of view. In today’s society is all about being “in the in crowd ” and “being cool”. Isn’t that why so many teens and preteens are so into their celebrities? We need to make our kid understand that entertainment life doesn’t show real life. Our kids need to be thaught this series lessons so they see that is okay to be sick is okay to have problems. Honestly I hate the bad reviews this book being getting at GoodReads. I don’t like GoodReads reviews most time. Don’t hate me for it. I just feel they aren’t understand ing a deeper meaning in author’s writing.

The second book is The Last Girl on Earth. Many got upset that it has a romance or that it isn’t science fiction enough. Yes I can see why people think is mostly a romance story or that it doesn’t have the “regular scientific fiction “. But that’s what I love about it. Writers should write their story not what the majority think it should be about. And honestly I don’t think this book is about romance. Yes it touches about romance. But that’s not the main point of this story . Many of this reviewers seem to skimmed thru it and not understand the plot or story. I am not hating GoodReads, but o feel the reviewers aren’t always written well thought out. This is about “the only human left” in a alien population. This story can Improve a bit I admit. But I feel the author can write a series or a sequel about this and I will read it. This is a powerful story I believe that everyon e should read.

This two books both had negative reviews on GoodReads and that didn’t stop me from reading it. It honestly made me want to read it more. It makes me wonder why books have to be a sudden standard and why can’t authors expend their horizons.

I don’t know this is just my opinion. Sorry if I made you upset. But I love discussions and I feel I will always feel this ways about books and reviews.

📚Why I love the Library😍

Libraries are places where nor just booklovers can go and enjoy their time their. So many times libraries are seeing as “old” or not “cool” . To me the Library has different people and different resources that we can all use.

Libraries are free and almost every county, city, or state has one.

Most booktubers/bloggers I follow have arcs or buy their books. I do either . As a poor college student and from a low middle class family . I can’t afford to buy the newest books every week or every month. I can’t always have the special edition books that authors give out.

Libraries are good for the community and for our society. It has books, mangas, movies, computers, resources, and etc. How can someone not like a library? Is a mystery to me

I rather go to the Library and check out books and see if im going to like them or not. So many books that are “hyped up” I usually don’t like. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a “hype book” I do like, cause there is. Getting books from the libraries can help us as readers figure out which books we want to buy and save ourselves from doing unhauls or giving the books away.

Libraries have computers, tutors, helpers who want to help the society grow and be better as a whole. So many libraries workers want to help you in everything they can . In my county library we have events where we learn different things that are for kids to adults. I love this events cause it helps eceryone on something they have trouble in. This events help with moving away, money, races, jobs , and other things that aren’t just about books or reading.

So next time you think library are just for books think again. And the best thing about library is that is free. I don’t know what is better then that honestly.

So go to your library and check out some amazing things that it has to offer.


Dear Book Coomunity📚

As much as I love our community. I feel that we are more apart then more together. On booktube I see young readers getting angry at other booktubers because they disagree with they favorite books.

We have to have to do “discriminate in the beginning of many of our opinion videos”. I don’t think we should be like im sorry that i’ m about to discriminate or hate your favorite book”. Like let’s stop trying to make everyone else’s happy abouta book. No one agrees with everyone’s opinions. This is a fact.

But what im tired of seeing is hype books that aren’t even great and books that are great having bad reviews cause of some tweet that didn’t understand or even finish the book at all.

I like books of all types. I like watching and reading reviews. If I read a book is because I like it not cause someone told me I will like it or hate it. If I dislike a book is not to offend everyone but I just have different taste and that’s OK.

Is okay to not like the most popular books . Is okay to not read classics. Is okay to read adult over ya. Is okay to read ya over adult books. The end of the day is about reading and learning or enjoying a book.

For example I tend to like more unpopular books then popular books. But that doesn’t mean there is popular books I do like to read. I just read what I think is right for me.

On another note let’s stop getting mad for having discussions on this community. We need to debate and talk about how we feel. That’s part of life. I feel younger people are making it hard for us later 20s and older to talk about topics we think are important. So please stop trying to make everything safe for your own sake . And understand that everyone reads and understands a book differently. Reasons I love to read is to explore my mind, have fun, be entertain, and to read someone’s point of view.

So let’s stop with the hate and with the separation. And just read a book without being so protected about it. Or if someone would hate or dislike what you do. Reading is important for our society. So next time just be careful how you treat books and how you treat readers. That’s all i’m asking thanks.

💕My Contemporary Book Haul for the Contemporary-A-Thon💕

I am reading for books for this a-thon.

Lists of books:

  1. Graphic Novel/ Manga : Secret of the Princess .. : This is a yuri contemporary romance manga.
  2. I Never by Lauren Hopper (a pink book contemporary cover) : contemporary romance story
  3. Everything Must Go by Jenny Fran Davis
  4. Fire in You by J. Lynn aka Jennifer L. Armentrout (taboo contemporary book) this book is the last of her wait for you series.

So this is my short book haul (: