If you dont know who books and lala is or what this is please go watch her video here and then come back and read this blog post (: https://youtu.be/_r-zljfD64A

I am excited to join and read Lala favorites books I pick four out of more than a 100 books she has in her list ^_^

I am reading:

Hurricane Child : A middle grade book

Young adult books :

A Quiet Kind of Thunder

Emmy & Oliver

Dress Codes for Small Towns

I pick this four books cause I like the description or I had it on my tbr for a while (:

Sorry I haven’t post here much.

Thanks for reading as always (:



Ineed to write. I need to talk to someone about my feelings about friendships and the anxiety,jealousy, and trust issues it brings. I know this isn’t something you expect to see me write about. But this is blog is call my writing journey after all. So I needed somewhere to tell my feelings. Even if no one reads is still helps me more than medicine or anything else.

Hello my name is Raven and I will not write my real name for privacy issues. I have a long term concussion with friends coming in and out of my life . I live in a fantasy more than reality so o won’t get hurt. I always taught love and friendships were the best things in the world.

Books,movies,anime,cartoons, and etc always talk about friendship and how it is magical and the best thing in the world. I love the idea of if but someone who has lost more people then kept people in my life I have a hard time believing in this two words.

Why do friendships break and why do I get jealous when my suppose best friend or a friend I consider family meets someone new and brings them to our friendship circle? That’s how I see friendship anxiety. I feel like a new person will ruin the friendship and I will have to find someone new once again. Is like having a small group of friends isn’t enough for some people. I never like big crowds. I’m am introvert and quiet girl and I have feelings I kept inside me for years. I have always believe that being in a small group or crowd is always better than a big or large crowd or group.

Okay i have trust issues with people I start getting closer to and want to hurt myself some times cause I start telling them how I feel and my dreams and such but when I lose them I regret it all the time. How could someone I taught friendships could suddenly make life better. It can for a short time till they leave you. Not all friendships stick together I learn that since I was in Elementary school. Movies and anime and other media can make it seem magical but in reality it’s worse then people think. I already have people issues and trust issues as it is.

This is just a rant blog about how I’m feeling about this. I know it seems I’m selfish and such things but I really want a strong friendship and love and I feel reality makes things complicated.

I don’t tell my friends about this cause they might think I’m over thinking or something but I want to know if someone out there feels how I feel.

I live in a fantasy life over reality life most times cause is where I feel like myself and I don’t have to worry of hurt betrayal or left behind.

Friendships are good and bad.

Let’s talk about Bookstgram

*not my picture

I join Instagram as part of the book community and let’s just say I didn’t like being part of this bookstgram community. I didn’t meant WordPress I meant Instagram. I had a bad experience with Instagram. I love WordPress❤😍 in case anyone had a misunderstoodment. I LOVE WORDPRESS BUT NOT BOOKSTGRAMMER. man i feel I just had to make a disclaimer or something o.o


I was Abbyraebooks on there from may to mid early July. That’s a very short time I know, but i felt I didn’t have the books most people did and that I didn’t read more books that others did. I felt isolated and started having anxiety. Here’s my reasons why I’m never joining bookstgram ever again.

  1. One: Competition. You probably asking me whay competition. Well who has the prettiest pictures the most likes and the best looking picture ever. This is a bad habit. I prefer blogging or goodrrads over a website where all you do is share pictures of books. No thanks don’t like that.
  2. Second : Followers. I barely had over 135 something followers and I think I knew why I didn’t have the best pictures or the books they like. I just don’t like that about Instagram at all honestly.
  3. The pressure. Did you ever feel if you don’t post you will lose followers ? I do. I felt it all the time. I was happy when I gain followers then lost the same I gain is like a gambling game.
  4. The people who don’t follow you back. Okay this may seem like I’m upset or I want everyone I follow to follow me. But isn’t being part of a book community being friends with one another? No? I guess I didn’t get the memo. I understand why the people with thousandth of followers won’t follow me but a small bookstgrammers I don’t understand.
  5. Lastly. The anxiety. Posting is something that many feel is obligated of them. Like if we have to feel obligated or feel like if we don’t post enough we aren’t enough then why even try. People who have small followers would understand the anxiety. Anxiety on social media is no joke.

This are the main reasons why bookstgram isn’t for me. Honestly I feel this might be the worst platform for book lovers. All you do is post picture honestly.


Paperback or Hardcovers

I prefer Paperbacks over Hardcovers. I know is shocking as Hardcovers are more popular. To me it has to do with how it feels vs how heavy it is.

I posted a picture of two same books that are different but the same story inside. I understand that paperback books have a better change of getting dirty and of getting older first.

Yet, to me paperbacks have something special that hardcovers don’t and that is the pictures of the book covers. Hardcovers picture of the book can be taken away while in paperback books it can’t. And also helps that I like having pretty books covers and I like how smooth but soft paperbacks are to me.

Other reason why paperbacks is better to me is the size. Is smaller and I can carry it to places easier. Usually hardcover books carry more weight and I don’t like having extra weight when I don’t need it. The size solves mg problems and I don’t feel like it be hard to read a book. It’s actually more comfortable to me if I have a paperback as it easier to me to read a book that way and I feel more relax as well.

Good for you if you love hardcover books but I will prefer Paperbacks always.

Last thing I forgot to mention their usually cheaper too which a win win in my opinion. I love saving money whenever I can.

Thanks for reading (:

My Honest Review of When Dimple Meets Rishi

I am sorry if I ruin your favorite book this is only my opinion.

There was just things I didn’t like of this book. I gave it a three out of five rating on Goodreads.

Let’s first talk about what I did like

  • Dimple : I just love her character and the way that she didn’t let her parents or a guy stop her from her dreams.
  • Rishi’s brother was such a good catch I rather read a book about his past life honestly.
  • And the last thing I like was how Dimple’s favorite code role model wants to stop the injustice from the privilege that take advantage of us.

Now let’s talk about why I didn’t like this book at all. First of all I couldn’t stand the grammar and sentence errors like didn’t an editor see how two sentences could have being one? And the style of this author confused me so much I could barely keep up with the story. I have read this kind of contemporary books before but this one just made it more diversity than anything. I just felt the story didn’t end well. What about how their both still teenagers but Rishi always try to push her limits. He seems nice and all but I felt Dimple deserve better. I hope she realizes that she should keep going for her dream and not to let go of her career for a man.

I do admit I like that he and his brother became close in the end thought. And I like that Dimple didn’t lose her best friend as well.

I will not read any of this authors books I’m sorry. I feel that there is way better contemporary books I would enjoy to read. I feel this book was hype up but the description of the book lied why Rishi when to the same convention she did.

📚Book Arcs📚

I have a problem with owning book arcs. I can see why so many bloggers, instgrammers, and booktubers like them, but I’m not one of them.

You are when you receive an arc is for review only not for sale. You are not allowed to sell them cause their early copies or unfinished copies. I rather own a real book or go to the library honestly .

Why is better to go the library and review books that way then get free books that are arcs? One reason is because you will be able to be like I don’t like it so I can take it back . With arcs you can’t never take a book back and is yours and no one else’s it. What if you hate the book and want to get rid of it ? Sorry you can because arcs aren’t available to sell or donate. Libraries are the easiest way to get books free and you can later buy it if you actually like it later.

I’m not hating on the book company or people who get arcs for reviews. If they like it that way, good for them. This is just my opinion about them.

Arcs stand for advanced reader copy. Now you know what it stands for and you probably feel this is like getting to see a movie early to get a free pass. I like thrifting and I like being cheap, I mean who doesn’t it ? Sometimes I rather just wait for a book I have on hold then get an arc. I feel better and I don’t feel I’m wasting paper or anything.

The main thing is this Book Arcs is both a good and bad thing. It helps the publishing companies and self authors sure, but does it help us. I rather read a book on my own then rely on reviews. I only rely on reviews if I really feel you understand the type of things I like.

So this is why I do not ever want to own a book arc. I rather a publishing company give me a finishing book then an arc. Thanks to anyone who reads this. I am just different and that’s okay right ?

If you are allowed to sell and donate arcs books then I might change my mind, but still then I do not think I want to own them.

Library Problems I have😯

I do love libraries but there some things I wish they could improve on.

Here’s my reasons of why I have problems with libraries.

  • For one thing having to wait for books in hold. It cold take months and weeks to get a book you want to read. Popular books and new releases are the hardest books to hold. Is better to hold books that less people will want to hold then the new ones.
  • Second problem when certain authors and books you can’t find because they don’t even have them. Using Goodreads and Booktube can be an amazing guide to finding books you love, but it can also be a disaster. Sometimes so many libraries, even here in California they have certain books and authors they never have.
  • When they have a book you want but is only in ebook and audio book form. No I am not implying that having this type is bad. Is just I like to hold and feel books. If that is weird, then I do not know what to say. I rather wish they had books over technology form, because it helps me to be able to just go and reach if when ever I can.
  • Trace Books. I do not know how it works in other libraries in other states, but in California when someone request a book from a different city to their city. A book that is being hold to be arriving to a certain library and the person decides to unholded and now the book is gone. I have a question about this one. When books that are from one to city to another city in the same county and someone says they don’t want it anymore how does this book disappear?

Do you have any problems with your library? I would like to know.