My Journey with Romance Books

My Journey of Reading Romance Books

  • This is just my opinion. I know my taste in romance isn’t the same as most but please know my love for romance books has always being “unpopular”. I’m okay with having my own likes and dislikes of this genre.
  • Fair warning this might be a long blog.
  • I hope you enjoy my journey of Reading Romance Books

I started reading since I was in Elementary School. I didn’t start reading “romance books” until middle school.

I first knew about love stories because of Disney Princess animations movies. I always love animations. Beauty & Beast and Aladdin are two of my favorite Disney Princess movies for the love story that was so different that gave me hope.

I started reading Manga in Middle School and Shoujo became my favorite genre. I just love the journey of the two main characters and how they develop and fall for each other.

High School I was in a class about reading. My freshman year was the year I read all four books of Twilight in less than a week and fall in love with reading again. Of course, during that time I didn’t know that Bella and Edward relationship was not normal. I was a Naive person for a long time. At that time, I love the story and the characters it kept me interested. I started to write romance stories around this time. I met a classmate in my Freshman Science class who introduce me to new vampire romance books. We ended up doing a Vampire project for our science class. Good times.

I was reading more and more books from the library whenever I had the time. I found adult romance during my High School years. No. It wasn’t Fifty Shades of Grey. I would never read that book. I do not consider a romance but an abusive story. My aunt loves it thought. Me and her had a civil discussion about that book series. The first adult romance author I read was named Susan Mallery. She is known for the Fools’ Gold book series.  I actually finish that series last year or the year 2018.

I want to go back to talk about Sarah Dessen and Meg Cabot. Meg Cabot and Sarah Dessen were my favorite authors in my High School years. They both write contemporary and chick lit books. They really knew how to write love stories that I love.

Meg Cabot writers adult and young adult romance. She also wrote Chick Lit Historical books. I definitely recommend her Chick Lit Young Adult Historical books they’re so good.

Now back to Susan Mallery. I want to thank this author. If I ever meet her I be Starstruck probably. She was the reason why I fall in love with adult contemporary romance books. She introduce me to amazing authors like Jennifer L. Armentrout, Amanda Ashley, Jill Shalvis, and many more.

Amanda Ashley intrude me to adult paranormal romance and boy was I impress.

Jennifer L Armentrout is a queen. She writes young adult, new adult, and adult romance. She writes contemporary, paranormal, and fantasy romance. I love all the books I have read by her.

is the year 2020 now and my journey to romance books have change since 2010’s. I know the type of romance books I like and dislike.

I will never read dark or erotic romance. They aren’t my cup of tea. I love romance where the two characters get to know each other, fall in love, and end happily ever after or for now happily.

I don’t read books that are mostly “steamy”. For me romance is about the connection and the characters development between the two. Not just them having sex. A few sex scenes is okay as long as is not most of the story. I read romance for not just the enjoyment, but for the growth of the two characters.

I also want to mention I don’t like romance where is more than two people in a relationship. It ruins a romance book for me. I read romance where is between two people only sorry.


I know I barely blog here but I will try to do better next year. I just came to update you guys. I being focusing on school but I will begin to focus on this blog again. Happy Holidays everyone enjoy your time with friends or family ♡

How Southern California Ruins Weather in California.

First I want to write that I was raised and born in Northern California all of my life. But I have being to all parts of California so I know the weather well. When I see youtubers videos about California being always sunny or lame I want to laugh. Why do I want to laugh? Because most of them live in Southern California near Los Angeles, San Diego, or other large city in Southern California. I’m always asking myself have they never being to Northern California. Because we do get windy, rainy, and foggy days in Northern California during Winter.

I just feel like they giving people who don’t live in California the wrong idea of our weather. Not all California is sunny or with wildfires or etc. I being wanting to say this to someone for a long time but I finally wrote a blog about it.

Next time you hear someone said on the internet that California is sunny all year long. Do your own research about all California weather not just Southern California to make sure you know the true.

California Sunny has become like a fantasy and I want to make sure people understand that is a stereotype you making about California.

Now I want to know if you ever seeing the internet or the news make your country or state look like something different then how it is? We all live in a world of stereotypes this days.

☆Also a quick note it can snow in some parts of California you just got to know where (;

Why I don’t do TBRs every month?

I love reading. If I make a TBR post for each month I feel I have to finish the book when I said I was going to finish reading for that time. I feel like is not fun to read that way even if it works for some people. Many people love to do tbrs for each month or weekly but I don’t. I love the feeling of being able to read any book whenever I want. I get most of my books from the public library. So that’s another reason I don’t do them. I am happy for the people who do tbrs. If it works for you that’s great. For me when I read I need to enjoy a story and take time reading it if I have to. TBRs just make me lose the creativity and the moments of a book if I have to finish reading in a certain time. I feel pressure and time limited and I don’t like that. I like knowing I have limited time and not feeling pressure about reading my books. If you do tbrs and feel is an amazing thing please tell me below in the comments. This is just my opinion on why I don’t do tbrs. Thanks for reading as always (:

Blogging is Hard???

If you have being following me for a while, you might have notice I don’t blog like every week or every month as many others do here. I am someone who created this blog to start writing better and improve my writing. Yet, it seems when I try to blog is hard to write down my ideas. I feel many times like I’m not good enough to be a blogger. That’s why this blog is call my writing journey. I get worried about how I write and what I write about and that people will criticized me for my writing and such. Luckily I didnt have to worried about being criticized for how I write here. Thank you for that. Now I’m going to write some points into how writing a blog can be difficult for me.

  1. My first reason is that is time consuming and I have to figure what you guys might enjoy reading about and what I should talk about. Is difficult I have all this ideas, yet I worried that my timing is always off.
  2. Second, I am lazy. Yes it is true. I am easily distracted and not writing on here makes me wonder how lazy I am with my writing. Is a sad true.
  3. Another reason is I worried I dont have amazing writing skills. I seeing bloggers and people that do book reviews that have perfect grammar perfect spelling and perfect intelligent words. Sometimes I get overwhelmed that I write such simple words while others write so elegant and have perfect writing skills.
  4. Lastly, motivation. I haven’t had motivation for a while. I feel being online has made me feel down at times. Seeing everyone have this opportunities and amazing lifestyle and me just at home. All I do is go to school or read books. I just feel I have all this lost motivation and I have no way of writing just for fun like I did in high school.

This are some reasons why I worried I am doing blogging wrong and that my writing will never improve. If anyone has any ideas of how to motivate myself and feel about better about my writing I would like to known in the comments. Thanks for always supporting me.


Hello everyone just last year and a few months back I finally learn what my learning disability is. Auditory Processing disorder is a disorder affecting the ability to understand speech. I want to make this learning disability known to our peers and society.

Everyone knows about learning disabilities when it comes to ADHD,Dyslexia, and etc. My learning disability is a little less known. I knows theres many blogs out there about APD but some of them aren’t updated anymore or they knew about their disability since they were young. In my case I always knew something was wrong with me. I had IEP in school and was in the “research program”. It wasn’t till I enter college when i first learn I had a learning disability and I didn’t think much about it. Even thought i was in the disability program i barely use their services till this past year and a half. I know for me personally i hate asking for help and try to figure most things on my own. I am writing this for anyone who has APD and is struggling with college like I did.

Not many people understand that lectures is the worse things for people with APD since most are lectures based in teachers speaking and most times they don’t write the notes down. I wish more teachers would do different types of lectures for different types of learning disabilities not just doing lectures that are them speaking and having only the important things on the board or on a powerpoint. The reasons why learning disabilities are hard for many students especially college students is because of memory. Our memory is different from most people who do not have learning disabilities and we take longer to learn things.

Like i mention in my opening statement in this blog, I have APD. APD makes my type of learning disability be sensitive to loud noise. We aren’t the best types of people to take to groups settings where everyone is talking at once and there is loud music. It actually make us want to go to quieter places instead. Another thing about my particular disability is how we mix words and sounds up. That makes it hard to understand to most people who want us to listen to them and follow directions. Don’t get mad at people with APD, instead breathe and repeat what you said to us. We are smart just in a different way. We can succeed in anything, even school. It might take us longer to get there then most of our peers, but we have an advantage that most don’t. You probably asking what the advantage is? Well even thought we take longer to study, do homework, or to listen more we learn to take time to understand things and never are rushing to finish something.

As an APD learning disability I am taking longer to finish college and go for my bachelor degree, but thats okay cause everyday I’m learning and getting stronger. I hope this help some people understand people with Auditory Processing Disorder better and understand learning disabilities rocks and no matter what we kicking butt one step at a time.

Thanks for reading(:

Happy Late 2019 Update☆

I haven’t being writing on here it so long. So many things have happened since Iast posted. I want to start writing on here again. I know I being gone for so long. I being having a fight with myself and my writing. I love to write and to read other people post. I miss all of you guys. I finally finish community college thank God. I will start uni in the fall and finally be taking only classes that have to do with my major. Tell me in the comments what you guys would want me to write about. I don’t do a year tbr of 2019 cause I read books whenever I feel like it. I being reading a lot of books. I need to do in summer break. So hopefully reading and writing will make my summer less boring. I am going to start searching for a job. I have so much ideas in my head but don’t know what to write here about. I decided to update in case someone here misses me lolz. I do want to talk about the reboot of fruits basket. I also want to talk about me being part of the gaming community on YouTube and how YouTube has being going downhill for years. I will write again soon. I miss writing and improving myself in this journey of writing in my life. Thanks for reading ♡♡❤